Experts: Laredo Serial Murder Suspect Does Show Classic Signs of a Killer

The investigation into a Border Patrol agent who reportedly confessed to killing four women while off-duty continues to confuse the experts, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.

Juan David Ortiz remains behind bars on a $2.5 million bond.The 35 year old was seemingly living a double life. He's married with children, but was also meeting sex workers at night and told investigators he shot them to death.  

Serial killer expert Peter Vronsky tells News Radio 1200 WOAI that's not unusual.

"There are some socialized, functional "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" serial killers who maintain two separate identities."

But, at age 35, Ortiz has a clean criminal history.  At a press conference Monday, CBP Special Agent Juan Benavides said there were no red flags.

"There was nothing in the background that would have alerted CBP or indicated that Mr. Ortiz was capable of doing this."

He says there is one minor allegation against Ortiz, but refused to explain.

Professor Holly Miller at Sam Houston State's School of Criminal Justice says it's unusual for someone to start a murder spree at age 35

."A lot of serial killers have a history of engaging in criminal activity," she explains.  "It's pretty common they start with animal torture or some sort of abuse."

Both Prof. Miller and Vronsky predict that, as the investigation continues, it's likely more crimes will pop up.

The Navy says Ortiz served for almost eight years.  He enlisted in the in July 2001. He was listed as a hospital corpsman, second class.

Ortiz joined the Border Patrol shortly later. It's not unusual for the Border Patrol to recruit service members.


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