Bomb Threat Prompts Search at Bexar County Jail

The Bexar County Jail was on a hard lockdown this morning after a person phoned in a bomb threat to the jail last night, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"Somebody on a landline called and said they were going to blow up the jail," Deputy Johnny Garcia said.

He says inside the jail, which is already a secure facility, a 'hard lockdown' means inmate movement is severely restricted, and only essential services, like meals and medical treatment, are provided.

In addition, officials more strictly scrutinize the people going in and out of the facility.

Late last night, Garcia said officials brought in bomb sniffing dogs and they had found no bombs in the jail, but the investigation is continuing, into the jail and into the identity of the person who phoned in the threat.

The jail is already over its capacity of 4500 inmates, which prompted the sheriff to get permission from the Texas Commission on Jail Standards to approve locating inmates in a South Tower overflow area.

Officials say an increase in arrests is common in the summer, and they expect the inmate numbers to fall back below the 4500 threshold by the end of next month.

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