Attempt to Keep Firefighters Charter Amendments Off Ballot Fails Again

The Texas Supreme Court has refused to reconsider the motion filed by the Secure San Antonio's Future Political Action Committee, which asked that those three charter amendments being pushed by the San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association be kept off the city's November ballot, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

That means voters will decide whether to limit the pay and length of service of future city managers, whether to allow 'California style' initiative and referendum to overturn the actions of City Council, and whether to require that disputes between the City and its employee unions be settled by binding arbitration, instead of in court.

The high court ruled without comment, upholding a decision by State District Judge Carolyn Stryker, who last month ruled that questions about how the SAPFFA paid the firm that collected the petition signatures to put the item on the ballot is immaterial to the fact that voters legally signed the petitions, and the petitions have been certified by the City Clerk.

"The big money power brokers, lawyers, and lobbyists tried their best to take our voice and our vote," SAPFFA President Chris Steele said. 

 City officials have blasted the charter change drive, saying the measures would be devastating to the city's finances and bond ratings.

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