Scooter Death in Dallas Points to Urgency Over Local Scooter Regulation

We have our first death in Texas of a passenger on one of those motorized scooters that have become so popular downtown, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Police in Dallas say Jacoby Stoneking, 24, died of massive head injuries in an accident involving a Lime scooter over the weekend.  Lime is one of the companies operating scooters in downtown San Antonio.

California-based Limebike released a statement expressing the company's condolences, and saying it recommends that all riders wear helmets.  Stoneking was not wearing a helmet.

Police say they don't know the cause of the accident that killed Stoneking, but witnesses said the scooter was 'found cracked in half.'

The incident adds more urgency to San Antonio's efforts to regulate the scooters, which have become all the rage downtown.  Two companies currently operate scooters downtown, and a third firm is planning to place scooters in other densely packed ares of the city, like around UTSA on the northwest side, in the Medical Center area, and along the commercial and museum strip of Broadway from Manchke Park to the McNay.

Among the issues that need to be resolved is where does liability lie for scooter accidents, and if a scooter runs into a person or a vehicle, who is responsible.

The city is also wrestling with whether to outlaw the use of scooters on sidewalks, and where scooters are to be left when the rider is done with them.

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