Texas Supreme Court Upholds 'Bible Banner' Tradition in E. Texas School

For generations, cheerleaders in the east Texas town of Kountze have written inspirational Bible verses on the paper banners the football players run through when they take the field.. 1200 WOAI news reports that tradition can now continue for generations to come.

The Texas Supreme Court ruled Friday that the messages written on the banners are the protected free speech of the cheerleaders, and since the school district neither requires that Bible verses be written on the banners, nor dictates the content of the messages, the Biblical messages do not amount to 'government speech' that can be regulated by the district,

The ruling ends  six year long legal battle that began when the Wisconsin based Freedom From Religion Foundation sued to get the 'Bible banners' tradition declared an illegal violation of the 'Establishment Clause' of the U.S. Constitution.. Then the school district itself picked up the opposition to the practice.

"Religious liberty is the foundation upon which our society has been built," Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said.. "The Texas Supreme Court's decision insures that cheerleaders in Kountze and in other districts across the state will continue to be able to display their expressions of faith on banners at football games."

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