Police: 'Road Rage' Shooting Was Bungled Dope Deal, Three Arrested

Police at first thought the murder of a man and the shooting of two others on the city's southwest side was a case of road rage, but 1200 WOAI news reports, it turned out to be a lot more than that.

Police overnight arrested three young men, Jordan Davis, 19, Lonnie Ellison, 19, and Christian Ellison, 22, on charges of murder and aggravated assault.

Police Officer Doug Greene told News Radio 1200 WOAI detectives got information that the shooting was part of a bungled drug deal.

"These individuals were arranging to meet with each other," Greene said.  "These individuals were arranging to meet with each other, and something went wrong, and the victims attempted to flee and the suspects followed them and fired several shots at their vehicle."

The incident happened early in the morning of July 4 on Castroville Road.  One man in the fleeing car was killed, the other two wounded.I

t appears the three suspects were in way over their heads, and Greene said its a shame that people so young can screw up their lives so completely.

"This is a very tragic situation all the way around," he said.  "All of these men are young in age, early twenties, late teens, and it is sad that they find themselves in these predicaments at such a young age."

The defendants had nothing to say to reporters as they were marched to jail early today.


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