Suspect in Bush Doctor's Murder Kills Self as Police Move In

"He's dead, he killed himself."

With those words, Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo announced that the manhunt for Joseph Pappas, the suspect in the murder of former President George H.W. Bush's cardiologist, ended this morning.

Arcevedo says Pappas, who was wearing body armor, put a pistol in his mouth and pulled the trigger.

Dr. Mark Hauskenecht was shot to death in broad daylight as he walked to work in the Houston Medical Center area last month.

Acevedo says Pappas nursed a twenty year grudge against Hauskenecht because his mother died on the doctor's operating table.

Pappas is a former deputy constable who was known as an expert marksman.Police had searched Pappas' home Wednesday night but SWAT units found nobody inside. 

Acevedo had said Pappas was a threat to commit suicide.Acevedo said he is glad police have ended the manhunt, because Pappas was feared to have a 'hit list' and other physicians were afraid following the murder of Dr. Hauskenecht, 65, who was a world-renowned heart surgeon.


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