Celebrate: Today is International Beer Day!

By Morgan Montalvo


Today is  International Beer Day, and one local master brewer tells News Radio  1200 WOAI  an  increasing number of local microbreweries is positioning  San Antonio as a formidable player in the craft beer market.

"We're  seeing a lot of styles that are thriving here," says Les Locke, head  brewmaster at Southerleigh Fine Food and Brewery at The Pearl, "They can  be a really nice, well made craft lager, it could also be an IPA -  different styles that are really resonating with the people,"

About  a dozen microbreweries have opened in the Alamo City over the past  decade, Locke says, with another five or six scheduled to do so over the  next 12 months.

Locke  says micro-brewed "craft" beers now make up about 20 percent of the  overall U.S. beer market, "with the culture really rooted here in San  Antonio." 

He  says local microbreweries are playing a big part in rejuvenating areas  of the city that, until recently, have been overlooked by economic  development initiatives.

"San  Antonio being such a big city, it's such a neat thing seeing all these  breweries pop up in these local neighborhoods," says Locke.

International  Beer Day was first celebrated in 2007 in Santa Cruz, Ca., and takes  place on the first Friday in August. "IBD" traditions include: 

Friends  gathering in pubs to buy rounds for each other; 

Expressing gratitude to  bartenders, waitresses and brewers; 

And sampling unfamiliar brands or  types of beer as a means of increasing one's appreciation for the  beverage and its makers. 

Nearly 60 countries this year have scheduled International Beer Day celebrations and activities. 


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