Bexar County Led the State in Distracted Driving Fatal Wrecks in 2017

Here's something not to be proud of...Bexar County is the distracted driving capital of Texas, with 45 distracted driving fatalities in the county in 2017, more than the number in Dallas and Harris County combined, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"Bexar County has the greatest number of fatal crashes in the state," said Josh Zuber of AAA Texas.

The good news is that Bexar County's number of distracted driving crashes is actually down from 2016, by 27%.  

Both Dallas and Harris Counties say an increase in distracted driving fatal crashes in 2016.

"Bexar County also has the total largest number of distracted driving crashes in the state, more than 24,000," he said.

AAA Texas says it encourages families to have a conversation about the dangers of distracted driving. This is especially crucial for families with young teen drivers, whose risk of being involved in a crash is already increased due to lack of experience behind the wheel.“

Just as anti-drunk driving campaigns and related efforts have been effective, our communities must come together to spread knowledge about the dangers of distracted driving,” said Linda von Quintus, Vice President of Government and Community Affairs, AAA Texas. “This is why AAA Texas recently launched a new initiative, ‘Don’t Drive Intoxicated, Don’t Drive Intexticated,’ as both driving impaired or distracted can have similar consequences of injury or death.”



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