'King of Cons' Sentenced to Federal Prison in Texas

A Nigerian national who earned the nickname 'The King of Cons' for pulling off some of the most familiar scams of the Internet age has been sentenced to 14 years in prison by US District Judge Sam Spars in Austin, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Ochuko Sylvester Erurtou, 42,  was extradited from Germany to stand trial for conspiracy to commit money laundering.

"If you are a foreign national contemplating defrauding vulnerable Americans from abroad, know this," US Attorney John Bash, said.. "We will identify you, find you, bring you here, prosecute you and punish you."

Erurtou was responsible for the infamous 'grandson in jail' scheme, where elderly people are called and told a relative has been arrested in some far-off place and told that money is needed immediately for bail.. in the background the scammer frequently has a teenager crying piteously or begging for help.

Other scams pulled off by Erutou include fake investment scams, tax refund scams, and so called 'lonely hearts fraud,' where the scammer pretends to have a romantic interest in the victims.

Prosecutors say Erurtou stole $3,5 million from victims in Canada, Nigeria, and mainly in the U.S.

When he gets out of. prison in 2032' Erurotou will have to repay more than $1,6 million.

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