Fiery crash brings I-35 to standstill in Austin

Austin wreck

A wreck and subsequent bomb scare shut I-35 to traffic in South Austin for several hours today.

Police say a 911 operator received a call about a driver speeding on I-35. Moments later, the caller reported the driver had crashed near the William Cannon Drive exit.  Police said the driver exited the vehicle, which caught fire, and tried to walk away from it.  Police say he told responding officers his car had a bomb in it.  As a result, officers closed I-35 in both directions, backing traffic up and bringing it to a standstill for miles. 

The Austin Police Department's Bomb Squad responded and, using a robot, identified a package and clear bottle containing liquid. The package and bottle was later deemed harmless. 

The driver, who has yet to be identified, was taken to a hospital and charged with DWI.

Photo: Spectrum News

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