San Marcos Officials: No More Victims in Fire Rubble

Officials in San Marcos say there are no move victims buried under the rubble of the Iconic Village Apartments, which was destroyed by a massive fire on Friday, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The San Marcos Fire Marshal says he has completed his sweep of the area, and there are no more bodies in the ruins of the building.

The bodies of five people, including what is believed to be the body of San Antonio Roosevelt High School graduate Dru Estes, were pulled from the wreckage over the last several days.

Officials had released the names of the five people missing in the fire, but the Fire Marshal said his crews were continuing to search for more possible victims.  He said since the apartments house mainly Texas State University students, and some could have sublet their apartments for the summer, it was possible for people to have been in apartments that were believed to be vacant.

No origin or possible cause of the fire has been located.  Officials say it could be 'several months' before a cause of the fire is determined.


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