PETA Erects Anti Sea World Protest at Alamo Plaza

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals set up an exhibit on Alamo Plaza this afternoon, urging tourists to 'steer clear of Sea World,' News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Today is 'Boycott Sea World Day,' and PETA is staging similar protests across the country.

Sea World has halted its orca breeding program, and is committed to conservation and raising awareness of the dangers facing marine wildlife, but protester Angelica Torres says Sea World needs to do more, and release all of its remaining orcas.

"Actually we want them to go to an animal sanctuary, which is a netted part of the ocean," she said.  "There they can live out the rest of their lives.  Because they have been born in captivity, they don't have pods, which is family of their own in the wild."

Sea World said that its continued display of animals helps raise awareness and enthusiasm for conservation in the 22 million people a year who visit Sea World parks.

"Our parks’ commitment to research and conservation also has led to  advances in the care of animals in both zoological facilities and wild  populations. SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment maintains one  of the largest zoological collections on the world and is a global  leader in animal husbandry, veterinary care, enrichment and animal  behavior," Sea World said in a statement.

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