San Antonio Ranks Poorly in Best Big Cities to Live in in the USA

San Antonio comes in below average in a study by the web site 'Wallet Hub' to determine the best big cities to live in in the country, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Wallet Hub says it measured the 62 largest cities in the USA on 56 different metrics, from he quality of public schools and life expectancy to job opportunities and property taxes.

Wallet Hub even looked at things like the singles scene, and how quickly a city receives first run movies.Out of the 62 cities on the list, San Antonio ranked 39, or closer to the bottom than to the top.

San Antonio received high points in categories including economic vitality and affordability.  Our economy is number seven in the country, and our affordability ranked us 11th.

But San Antonio got clobbered in the categories of safety, and education and good health.  The Alamo City ranked 53rd on education and health, or in the bottom ten percent, and when it comes to safety, San Antonio fared even worse, 55th out of the 62 cities.

The good news, San Antonio scored higher than both Houston and Dallas, as well as Corpus Christi.

The bad news, San Antonio is a worse place to live than Ft. Worth, El Paso, and Arlington, and way worse than Austin, which ranked number 3 in the country.

The best big cities to live in in the USA are Seattle, which was number one, and Virginia Beach, at number two.

The worst places to live, Memphis and Detroit.

READ the full study:

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