UPDATED: Man Found Shot Was Instigator, Will Face Charges

Police now say a man who was found on a northeast side street bleeding from multiple gunshot wounds was in fact the instigators in the wild gunbattle that left him wounded, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Police say the suspect went to an apartment complex on Bentley Street to 'confront a female' about 3:30AM.

When 63 year old Joseph Williams heard gunfire, he told police he thought he was being shot at, so he returned fire, hitting the suspect twice.

The suspect got into a car with three other men, who dumped him out on Gwain Street, which is about three blocks away, and then sped off.

He was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and will face aggravated assault charges.

Williams is not expected to be charged.  Police say bullets that hit buildings and cars in the area back up Williams' account of what happened.

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