West Nile Virus Makes its First Appearance of the Season in Texas

The first cases of West Nile virus of the season have been confirmed in Austin, Dallas, Irving, and Galveston, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The Texas Department of State Health Services says the disease is nothing new to Texas, with 135 cases reported in 2017, resulting in six deaths.  In the last decade, 167 people have died from West Nile virus in Texas.

Many people don't have any symptoms from West Nile, which is a tropical, mosquito-borne disease.  But others may get West Nile Fever, which can cause very serious symptoms like fever, nausea, and very serious joint pain. Some who come down with the neurodegenerative form of West Nile may die from the disease.

Officials say, just like with Zika Virus, the key is to stop mosquitoes from spreading by emptying standing water, property treat swimming pools with chemicals, and make sure mosquitoes don't get into your home by sealing windows and doors and using mosquito netting where necessary.

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