San Marcos promotes tourism with 7-foot-tall mermaid statues


Mermaids are an integral part of the San Marcos culture. The historical "merfolk" swimming and protecting the San Marcos River have now made their mark on land. The San Marcos Arts Commission placed ten 7-foot-tall mermaids around the city in what's been dubbed the “Mermaid March.”

It’s a permanent, public art project, and the purpose is to celebrate the long history and culture of the city. 

"There's not a whole lot out there that hasn't already been done in another city. And we thought this would really be an interesting conversation starter. People in the middle of Central Texas, what are you doing with mermaids here? So, it leads to a great conversation starter for our tourists," said former Arts Commission chair and Executive Director of The Price Center, Clay DeStefano.

The hope is to increase tourism for the city using these 7-foot-tall statues that are paid for by hotel occupancy tax dollars.

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Mermaid locations include:

  1. Visitor Center/ Discovery Center: “Ode to Ralph” by Cheryl Latimer
  2. San Marcos Activity Center: “Aqua Reina” by Jamie Lynn Shelton
  3. Plaza Park: “Before Us” by Dianna Weems
  4. Hutchinson St. in front of Texas Skate Shop: “Mermaid Playground” by Malachy McKinney
  5. Hutchinson St. in front of Minute Man: “Liquid Metal” by Darin Woods
  6. Guadalupe/Hopkins St.: “Oh For a Muse of Fire” by April Laymen
  7. Price Center: “Flora” by Morgan Egan
  8. Eddie Durham Park: “Mermaid Map” by Grace Park
  9. MLK/Guadalupe St.: “The Fish of the San Marcos Waterways” by Doug Hiser
  10. Children’s Park: “Blooming Brightly” by Lauren Hofmann

Photo: Spectrum News

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