City, Tech Bloc, to Partner on 'Tech Recruitment Officer'

San Antonio this week will enter into an agreement with TechBloc, the local tech industry public affairs arm, to hire a ‘Chief Technology Recruitment Officer,’ who will work to attract and retain qualified tech workers in the city, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

“Talent is probably the number one driver in supporting a technology ecosystem and environment that supports start ups and tech careers in San Antonio," Tech Bloc’s David Heard told News Radio 1200 WOAI’s Michael Board.

Heard says when businesses look at expanding or moving to San Antonio, their first question is always about the local work force.

He says the Chief Technology Officer will be like a ‘matchmaker’.

“Make it easier for tech employers to find the talent they need to grow, and to help members of the local workforce to find their best opportunities,” he said.

Many local tech employers say finding qualified employees remains a challenge, and some concede they have considered moving their operations out of San Antonio to find qualified individuals.

San Antonio has made major strides in attracting college graduates with tech experience, being labeled as one of the leading cities for Millennials for the past several years.

Officials say the city’s relatively low cost of living, compared with tech hubs like San Jose and Seattle, is also a major factor in convincing Millennials to make the move to the Alamo City.

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