Security Boosted in Seguin Following Three Threats by Teenagers

Two 13 year olds and a 14 year old, all boys, are facing charges after allegedly threatening to shoot up Seguin schools or, in one case, blow up the Seguin Police Station, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Police say on Thursday, a young male called the main police station in Seguin and yelled ‘I’m going to blow up the police station!’  

About three minutes later he called again and said “Do what I say, or you will be the first to die.”  

He called a half hour later and yelled again to the dispatcher, “Are you ready to get blown up?’

Police say they were able to trace the call to a home in Seguin and arrested the 13 year old, and took him to the juvenile detention facility.

Police say the boy’s father had been arrested the night before for assault, but its not known whether that had anything to do with the threats.

Also on Thursday, a 14 year old boy was arrested after he told a group of fellow students at Seguin High School, “Maybe I’ll do a school shooting.”  

When interviewed by police, the boy admitting making the statement, but told police the only time he would shoot up the school would be if ‘somebody made me real mad.’ 

 He was also arrested and taken to juvenile detention.

This follows an incident last Friday, the same day as the school shooting in Santa Fe, where a 13 year old boy told fellow students at Burges Alternative School that ‘he planned to do a school shooting,’ and ‘we’re going to take over this school’

All three of the juveniles are charged with Terroristic Threats, a Class B misdemeanor.

Police say classes at the schools were not affected, but security has been boosted due to the threats.

“These juveniles did out carry out their verbal threats, but there was an intent to scare people, and that in and of itself is a crime,” Deputy Chief B. Ure said.  

He says there has to be a ‘zero tolerance’ for these type of threats, and ‘anyone and everyone who makes them’ will be held accountable.

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