Councilman Calls for Action on Guns in San Antonio

East side Councilman Cruz Shaw is asking San Antonio city staffers and citizens to come up with ideas that the city can approve legally to help cut down on gun violence, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"We need to be creative," Shaw told City Council's Public Safety Committee today.  "We need to start making moves to, not insure, but do what we can to protect our streets and our children from gun violence."

Shaw called for action last week following Friday's Santa Fe school shooting.

Shaw said there is one thing that city can do. He says gun owners who don't report their guns being stolen should be held accountable.

"If those guns are not reported stolen, and those guns are used in a crime, there need to be repurcussions if those guns have not been reported stolen," he said.

Shaw said the City should be able to use zoning authority and other zoning power to help cut down on gun violence.

He asked City staffers to come up with suggestions to be counced around at a future Council meeting.

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