'Valor Club' Will be Unique Planned Community for Veterans

Construction is set to get underway this summer in a first-of-its-kind planned community for veterans and their families, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The project, called 'The Valor Club, is being built on the site of the old Pecan Valley Golf Course on Pecan Valley and Southcross on the southeast side.

Developer Dan Pedrotti, Jr, who is the President and founding partner of Foresight Golf, says San Antonio is the appropriate place for this unique venture to begin.He says there are 153,000 veterans living in San Antonio, a number which rises to 250,000 when you include their families.

Post 9-11 veterans are the fastest growing segment of the San Antonio veteran community.

He says the idea is to build not a veterans home, or a veterans hospital, but a total community, with nice homes, a 'town center' which will include restaurants and businesses, as well as the medical, social, recreational, and emotional services that many veterans need to integrate into the community.

Jim Sheldon, the project architect, says veterans want to become part of civilian society."Their goal is not to be secluded in your house, but to get opportunities to get out and hang around with friends outside of that environment," he said.

The $200 million project will be built on 215 acres, with a theme of 'Live, Play, Thrive.'

George Block of San Antonio Sports, who is an adviser to the project, says the 'play' aspect is very important.

"There will be world class cycling facilities, all three Olympic disciplines centered at one place," Block said.  "Street cycling, velo-cycling, and BMX cycling."

Pedrotti says his goal is to take the Valor Club concept to other cities after it has been constructed in San Antonio.

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