Alamo Quarry Lights up to 'Shine a Light' on Food Allergies

So what’s with the teal light on the iconic smokestacks at the Alamo Quarry Market?

The stacks are among thirty prominent landmarks across the U.S. which are being lit up in teal this week... to mark Food Allergy Awareness Week, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Niagra Falls and the Empire State Building are among the others.

The week is meant to draw attention to the fact that potentially deadly food allergies have quadrupled just in the past ten years, and now affect millions of Americans.

Food allergies are at the very least the cause of serious complications, and in some cases, can be life threatening.

"We are grateful Alamo Quarry Market is joining this light up happening across the country," said local San Antonio Food Allergy Support Team Volunteer Melissa Vela-Williamson. "I didn't expect to have a child with a severe food allergy. Once my daughter was diagnosed, it was eye-opening how little regulation there is in food labeling and service that would help her to avoid the allergen. We also hear from numerous families who don't know all the epinephrine options available to them and risk each day without lifesaving medicine due to financial burden or use fear.”

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