San Marcos Alert--House Cat Infected with Rabies

San Marcos officials have issued an alert after a pet cat was found to be rabid, infected with a strain of rabies that is found in bats, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

San Marcos Animal Protection says the cat bit its owner and the family dog late last month.The woman who was bit was rushed to the hospital for rabies treatment, and the family dog is also being treated with a 90 day isolation at a veterinary clinic.

The cat died a day later, which is not uncommon for rabid animals.

Officials say anybody who lives in the area who may have had contact with the cat is urged to get checked.

Rabies in house pets is not common, due to widespread mandatory inoculations, and numerous programs around the state, like the 'rabies air drop,' which have managed to virtually eliminate rabies in some wild animal species.


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