City Ramps up Anti Mosquito Effort as Weather Warms

As the weather heats up, the San Antonio Metropolitan Health Department has fired up its mosquito control efforts, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

So far no cases of mosquito borne disease like Zika have been reported in Bexar County, and technician Joel Lara wants to keep it that way.

"We have our vector technicians out there checking our routine hot spots around San Antonio, and also responding for public requests for help in their neighborhood," he said.

The Health Department says while there will be fogging equipment seen around areas where mosquitoes swarm, like ditches, most of the effort is done with larvacide pods. 

They say they no not harm the environment, don't endanger dogs, cats, or wildlife, and they are the most effective way to wipe out mosquitoes because they kill them before they are born.

But Lara says when the skeeters emerge, that's when the big guns come out.

"So we are out there treating public right of ways, ditches, parks," he said.  "And we are also educating the public."

And that's where the real work can occur.  Lara says city crews don't come onto private property, so homeowners need to empty out all standing water, from bird baths to potted plants, so mosquitoes won't hatch in it.

He says dawn and dusk are the busiest times for mosquito activity, so if you are outside during those hours, try to wear covering clothing, as well as use an aggressive insect repeleant.

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