'Sister Cities' Nationwide Help San Antonio Celebrate 300th Birthday

It was a truly international celebration of San Antoino's 300th birthday today as mayors and other leaders of San Antonio's 'sister cities' in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America gathered to celebrate the Tricentennial, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"San Antonio's story is a tapestry of many threads, held by many hands, from many different lands," Mayor Nirenberg told the group.  "It is filled with many stories of strength overcoming struggle and finding success in the relationships we have built together."

San Antonio has been establishing sister city relationship for decades, with the latest, Windhoek Namibia, represented today by its mayor.

The sister city relationship with Kumamoto Japan is widely thought to have laid the groundwork for Toyota's decision to pick San Antonio to build it struck plant.

The event was sponsored by the San Antonio Asian American Chamber of Commerce.

"San Antonio's approach to things like climate change, flooding, and water security impacts neighborhoods thousands of miles away," Nirenberg said.  "City to city diplomacy allows us to learn from each other, promote our shared strengths, and provide solidarity and support in times of need."

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