Standoff at SW Side Motel Ends After Ten Hours

The rocket scientists who decided to hold San Antonio Police and a U.S. Marshal's task force at bay for ten hours at a motel southwest of downtown ended up in even worse shape after it was all over, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

When the Fugitive Task Force arrived at the TravelLodge on South Alamo Street about 11AM Wednesday, the man and the woman, both wanted on robbery-related charges, had the cunning idea of moving a mattress against the door and refusing to come out.

After more than ten hours, police and the Marshals discovered a fire had been set in the room occupied by the pair.  They broke down the door and found that the pair had smashed a hole in the ceiling and were apparently trying to escape by getting to another room in the motel, which was surrounded by officers, and somehow dropping down and escaping that way.

Tear gas ended their dreams of escape, and the pair was taken into custody and will face multiple charges, in addition to the robbery charges they were already facing.

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