Parscale Accuses San Antonio Democrats of Threatening to Poison Republicans

Donald Trump's 2020 campaign manager is blasting Bexar County Commissioner Tommy Calvert for, as Brad Parscale claims, threatening that delegates will be poisoned if the 2020 Republican National Convention is held on San Antonio, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Parscale was referring to a comment Calvert made at a Wednesday news conference urging the City not to invite the convention to San Antonio.

"Yes, Brad Parscale has said it would be one of the biggest food and catering events in the history of the city," Calvert said.  "But who do you think would be cooking the food?  Who will be serving the food?  And in the words of Senator Menendez, who isn't here because his wife is in the hospital, 'I would hate to eat the mole.'

The comment was greeted by groans.  

'Mole' is Spanish for 'sauce.'

Calvert then added, "Montezuma's revenge a la Norte.'

'Parscale tweeted 'Can't believe that a San Antonio elected official, Phony Tommy Calvert, said that food would be poisoned for Republicans in San Antonio.  The San Antonians I know would never do that.  Democrats should immediately ask for his resignation for proposing the poisoning of people.  Horrible!'

Menendez disavowed the comment, writing on social media, "I would have never said or written that quote publicly, never. I have to much respect for the professionals who work hard everyday in our tourism industry."

Menendez added, "I don’t remember but to give Tommy the benefit of the doubt he and I may have had a private exchange."

Parscale called on Mayor Ron Nirenberg to disavow the comments, saying in a tweet, "Are you a mayor that says its okay to punish people like this?  Now is it legal in San Antonio to spike and poison my food."

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