Study: San Antonio's Unsheltered Homeless Population Up Sharply

It's not your imagination, there really are more homeless people in San Antonio, and they are a lot more visible in the community, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The results of the Point in Time homeless count, which took place over one 24 hour period in January, are out, and it shows 3,066 homeless people in San Antonio, up from 2700 last year.

And it shows that while a handful more are taking refuge in shelters like the Haven For Hope, the number of 'unsheltered' homeless, the so called 'street count, is up sharply, from 441 last year to 705 this year.

That means more homeless people sleeping under bridges and in alleys, and more homeless people panhandling on street corners.

The city also has a growing problem with homeless people 'squatting' in vacant homes, and setting fires to stay warm.

The reasons for the increasing homeless population, officials say, includes rising levels of drug addiction, to synthetic marijuana and opioids, and rising rents, which have pushed people who were just hanging on to homes losing them as rents rise.

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