City Doubles 'Fine' for Dirty Diapers in Recycling Bins

San Antonio City Council has voted to up the fine for putting dirty diapers into the recycle bins from the current $25, to $50, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

City officials reported that when dirty diapers, which are not recyclable, are placed into the recycling containers, it costs the city money to remove the diapers, and often makes the city's recycling impossible to sell to the companies which buy recycled items from cities.

Diapers in recycling bins cost the city $1.2 million a year, according to officials.

But north side Councilman John Courage questioned how punishing 'vulnerable' young people by slapping them with fines squares with the city's frequently repeated policy of 'equity.

"I have concerns since this fee will be added to the CPS bill for collection," Courage said.

He says the additional $50 cost could force some young families into default on their power bills.  He urged City officials to come up with another way to convince people to be careful with their recycling.

City officials will first mail letters to all solid waste customers to warn them of the impending fines.  Then they will place stickers on all recycling bins, warning that diapers are not recyclable and are not allowed in the bins.

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