Local Muslims Condemn Alleged Actions of Iraqi Couple Charged with Abuse

San Antonio's Muslim community is condemning the alleged actions of an Iraqi immigrant couple who allegedly beat and abused their 15 year old daughter, including dousing her with hot cooking oil, because she didn't want to participate in an 'arranged marriage' that would have brought the couple $20,000, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The Muslim Children Education and Civic Center of San Antonio said in a statement that 'our faith teaches that our children are the most innocent of all, and that any harm that befalls then is a calamity on society.'

The group says it is 'praying for Maarib al Hashmawi and for her siblings,' and are offering to help with their care.

Maarib, now 16, ran away from home earlier this year rather than go through with the arranged marriage to an older man.  She and her five siblings are in Child Protective Services custody, and the parents are facing felony charges.

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