Abbott: India a Potential Large Market for Texas Oil, LNG

Governor Abbott says less than a year after the first ever shipment of Texas produced oil sailed for India, Indian companies are interested in expanding that deal, which could turn out to be a major market for the state's booming fracking fields, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"To have Texas expand our exportation of oil as well as Liquid Natural Gas to India," Abbott told 1200 WOAI news from India, where he is on a trade mission.

Abbott says since the export of U.S. crude oil was reauthorized in 2015, Texas has established oil markets with several nations, but India, which the second largest population of any nation on earth and one of the fastest growing economies, would be a major boost to the state's already thriving energy sector.

"One thing that they need to stimulate their economy and to achieve their economic goals, is greater access to energy," Abbott said.  "And the good news for Texas is that we are the home of energy."

Abbott also revealed he has met with officials of the Indian conglomerate Mahindra, which already produces tractors and lawn and farm equipment at a facility in Houston, about ramping up production.  Manindra products are popular among Texas backyard gardners and farmers.

He also met with another Indian company about standing up a steel production facility on the upper Texas coast which has the potential to employ several hundred people.

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