Popovich Blasts Trump 'Cowardice' Over Gun Issue

San Antonio Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich has made it clear he is no fan of our President, and he doubled down on those comments when he was asked before Sunday's Spurs game in Milwaukee about the Saturday rallies by young people protesting gun violence, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Popovich said Americans will be 'proud and excited' about the student protests, and accused politicians of 'sitting on their thumbs' and 'hiding' while people are getting shot in nightclubs, schools, and cities.

He said 'it seems that the power and the money are more important than lives.'

"To see teenagers demanding this it takes you back' to the civil rights War protests of the 1960s, and he said 'when you think about it, the civil rights movement didn't flip or change until people saw things on TV.'

Then he lit into President Trump, calling it 'cowardice' for the President to 'be at his penthouse at Mar-a-Lago at the time of the protests.

'A real leader would have been in Washington D.C.," he said. "He would have had the decency to meet with a group, to see what's going on, and how important it is, and how important our children should be to us. So for all those politicians involved, it's just a dereliction of duty.'

Pop said the 'President of the country talked about all the things he's going to do, and then go have lunch with the NRA and change it, it's just cowardice.'

That was a reference to Trump's claims right after the February 14 Florida school shooting that he would 'take action first,' and then he backed away from that after meeting with National Rifle Association officials.

"They can talk about the age limit, and background checks and all that, but the real discussion is what kind of a country, what kind of a culture do we want? You go back and investigate the Second Amendment. What does it really mean today? What are we willing to give up for the safety of our children. The people in power don't want to talk about that. The fact that our president left town, is a real indication of how much he really cares about anything other than feeding his insatiable ego."


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