Man Convicted in 2013 Murder of San Antonio Police Officer

A jury in Atascosa County will begin today to deliberate the punishment for a cop kiler, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The jury on Wednesday convicted Sean Puente, 36, of capital murder in the death of San Antonio Police Officer Robert Deckard.  He could face the death penalty.

Puente killed Officer Deckard back in 2013 when he was being chased through San Antonio's south side after committing a string of burglaries. Puente and his girlfriend were racing down I-37 with police on his tail, when he suddenly started firing at the officers in pursuit.

One slug went through the windshield of Officer Deckard's SUV patrol vehicle and hit him in the head.  He died two weeks later.

"Its a long time coming," Chief William McManus, who was in the courtroom during much of the trial, said after the guilty verdict was announced.  "From the very night of the murder to the jury returning with a verdict, its a long long time to wait."

Officer Deckard's girlfriend, who is also facing capital murder charges, is awaiting trial.

"Its never enough, there is no satisfaction out of this," McManus said.  "Its never enough.  It won't bring Officer Deckard back.  But hopefully it will bring some sense of closure to his family, and to the department."

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