New UTSA President is Bullish on Downtown


UTSA's sixth President, who was formally inaugurated on Tuesday, has big plans for the university's downtown campus, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"I'm envisioning a 15,000 student, both undergraduate and graduate students, at the downtown campus," Taylor Eighmy told 1200 WOAI news at his inauguration.  "I also envision a residential component to it around the campus."

Eighmy says the growth and development of the downtown, and the growth of the tech industry, which is largely centered downtown, made the planned expansion possible and he says also contributed to the colleges he wants to establish downtown.

"One of the schools that we are going to be standing up is a school of data science, which will be very closely tied to that tech corridor," he said.

Eighmy says he is also fully committed to expanding college attendance among San Antonio high school students, who have one of the lowest college matriculation rates in the country.

One previous focus of UTSA's expandion, Eighmy says, will be downplayed under his watch.  Former President Ricardo Romo pursued 'Tier One' research designation, but fell short in his effort.  Eighmy says his goal will not focus on obtaining that 'Tier One' status.  

He says he plans to pursue a world class research program, and, if Tier One designation comes as a part of that, so much the better, but Tier One specifically will not be a focus of his administration.

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