Animal Sacrifices in West Bexar County Home Lead to Charges

As many as a dozen people are facing misdemeanor animal cruelty charges after what Sheriffs Deputies refer to as animal sacrifices were found being performed in the garage of a west Bexar County home  overnight, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The animals being ritually killed included chickens, goats,  and other barnyard animals.  Officials say a crowd had gathered as the animals were being cut open with knives and their blood drained into containers.  Some of the participants were wearing white robes.  Animal heads were found inside the home, which is in the 11400 block of Bronze Sand, near Loop 1604 and Potranco.

Deputies didnt speculate on whether this was some sort if religious ritual, but even if it were, Freedom of Religion is not a defense to animal cruelty under Texas law.

No humans were injured, officials say.

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