San Antonio Sees Unexpected Spring Break Dip in Gas Prices

San Antonio drivers are getting a Spring Break break at the pump, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

At a time when gas prices are usually rising, the average price in San Antonio has been falling, to an average of 2-18 a gallon.That is among the lowest gas prices today in Texas or in the country.

"The average price dropped three cents on the week," AAA Texas spokesman Daniel Armbruster said.  "We're still paying 15 cents more than we were a year ago."

Analysts say one reason why prices have not risen during Spring Break, even though demand is up, is that refineries have delayed their standard spring maintenance due to the bitter cold weather in the northeast.

Armbruster says with demand growing and OPEC production down, prices will rise later this spring.

"Most market analyst anticipate that as we go through spring we will see those prices go up," he said.  "Most analyst expect an increase of 25 to 30 cents by early this summer."

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