Pre-K 4 SA Announces Grants, Seeks to Expand Into Churches

The leaders of San Antonio's sales tax funded Pre-K 4 SA program are reaching out to churches and other faith leaders to help bring early childhood education to more children, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"Is it possible that you could make room for one of our children who doesn't have access right now, and is there a way we could work together to make that possible," CEO Sarah Baray said of her outreach to churches.

In addition to offering high quality early childhood education at its four regional centers around the city, Pre-K 4 SA is also tasked with expanding opportunities for four year olds in schools and other facilities. 

The Competitive Grants program, announced yesterday, awarded $4.3 million to 22 education providers to improve instructional quality and increase access.

Baray says 90% of the growth in a young brain takes place by the age of 4, and pre kindergarten education is the best proven way to assure success in high school, college, and in the work place.

The grants go to traditional school districts, like Northside and North East, and day care centers around the city, but also to religious groups like the Archdiocese of San Antonio and the Islamic Academy of San Antonio.

Baray says that is an area where the Prr-K program can continue to expand.

"We still have 6,000 children who don't have access to high quality pre-K, so we do need more resources," she said.

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