S.A. Voters Say Local Issues, Not Trump, Got Them to the Polls Today

Voters in today's primary election tell News Radio 1200 WOAI that this is not a referendum on President Trump, contrary to claims being made in the national media, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"I am certain that Donald Trump has some kind of influence, but nothing like 2016," said one man who was voting at the Cody Library polling station on the northwest side. "Largely because he is not on the ballot."

Many of the voters we talked with said they are far more fired up about local issues than about what it happening in Washington.

"Some of the Republicans that I used to vote for, I felt like they are changing or something, so I am going to vote for the opposite guy who is running," one woman told us.

One man who said he is a Republican says he can't buy all of the predictions of a 'blue wave' by Texas Democrats this year."I don't see Texas flipping," he said. "It is a concern, but I think we will keep it as a Red State."

Many voting locations, including Cody, which is usually one of the three or four busiest polling stations in the city, reported turnout as 'slow.'  

Many said many people voted early, instead of voting on primary day. Today's election won't produce many nominees, because of the large number of candidates in many races. The top two finalists in races where no candidate gets 50% plus one will meet in a runoff in May.

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