City Drastically Raises Fines for Parking Oversized Vehicles on the Street

Watch where you park. News Radio 1200 WOAI reports that City Council today approved a measure increasing the fine for parking oversized vehicles on the street in residential neighborhoods from $35 to a punitive $500.

City officials say oversized vehicles can be a true traffic hazard on narrow side streets. An 'oversized vehicle' is defined as an RV, trailer or boat which is 24 feet or more long, eight feet or more wide, or eight feet or eight feet high.

Those vehicles cannot be parked on the street at any time, and there is no exception for 'getting ready for a trip.' It can be parked on the street for brief loading and unloading of freight or merchandise only, and no 'overnight' parking is allowed, as the law is in effect 24 hours a day.

The law covers commercial vehicles, big trucks, and recreational vehicles. Large vehicles which do not meet the criteria for an oversized vehicle may be parked on the street, provided it is not being stored on the street.

The City says you should park recreational vehicles in a driveway, parking area, or designated vehicle storage area.

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