Trump hosts bipartisan meeting with lawmakers on guns


President Trump wants to get guns out of the hands of mentally ill people "immediately."  During a bipartisan meeting with some lawmakers at the White House today, Trump also repeated a call to raise the minimum age for assault weapons from 18-to-21.  Florida Democrat Ted Deutch argued that military-style assault weapons should be banned.  He called them "weapons of war."  Raising the age for buying assault weapons puts Trump at odds with the NRA.  He defended the NRA but said they're not always right.  Trump also noted that many lawmakers are afraid of the powerful gun rights group.

Trump talked about the recent shooting massacre at a high school in south Florida.  He said it is time to turn grief into action and called mass shootings ridiculous.  Trump vowed to pursue "common sense measures" to reduce gun violence.  He again called for increased background checks.  Trump also touted his proposal to allow qualified teachers to carry guns at school.  He argued that it would deter potential shooters from entering schools.  Congressman Deutch  said armed teachers will not make schools safer. 

Photo: Getty Images

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