Spurs Family Reunites for Tiago Splitter's Youtube Channel

One of the best things about the Spurs culture is the sense of family and chemistry between the players. So, even after teammates get traded or move on to other chapters of their lives, they all keep in touch. 

Former Spur, Tiago Splitter has recently launched his own Youtube channel that he hopes to update with new content pretty consistently. Lucky for us, he decided to have what he calls the Spurs Foreign Legion on a call. As Tiago explains, service wasn't great so he couldn't post the video in its' entirety. But Spurs fans have been loving it anyway. 

Tiago asked Ginobili about his age and Manu revealed what "keeps him juicy'! 

Watch Manu Ginobili, Patty Mills and Boris Diaw join in on the call with Tiago Splitter. Keep them coming Tiago! 

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