Okay Drivers--You're in the Best State to Drive in the Country

This may come as a surprise if you are fighting rush hour traffic, but a study by the web site 'WalletHub,' says Texas is the best state to drive in in the entire country, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

WalletHub studied over a dozen factors that go into the ability, pleasurability, and difficulty of driving.   They crunched the numbers, and Texas came out number one, followed by Kansas and Nebraska.

Among the factors...the cost of gasoline, where Texas got super high marks.  Other factors include the number of hours per week where motorists face congestion, interestingly, the number of days per week that there is likely to be precipitation of one form or another on the highway, and the number of auto repair shops were capita.

WalletHub also studied most car washes per capita (Texas is number two), highest and lowest auto maintenance costs, and 'access to vehicles, indicating a large number of auto dealerships in all types of communities (Texas ranked number two there as well).

The worst state to drive in is Hawaii, followed by Washington state, Maryland, and California.


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