Mariah Carey Redeemed Herself After Last Year's Terrible New Year's Eve Per

After the first song, she complained about the lack of hot tea onstage, especially with it being so cold outside.  But, then she said, quote, "We'll just have to rough it."  It's possible that she was just joking . . . but then again, this IS Mariah Carey we're talking about, so there's a good chance that it was a diva moment.In any event, it became a sensation on Twitter, so she later posted a photo of herself sipping on some hot tea, with the caption, quote, "Found my tea!" To her credit, it was only 11 degrees when she performed . . . and negative-7 with windchill factored in.  She also sang two songs.  A TRUE diva would've backed out altogether.  Oh, and she WAS singing live.



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