A Simple Science Experiment Almost Kills TV Host During Live Broadcast

What happens when you pour liquid nitrogen into a bottle of Coca-Cola? Well, normally if done safely, you get to watch the Coke bottle launch up into the air like a model rocket. But what happens when the experiment goes wrong and almost ends in complete disaster and death? Jacob Strickling, a science based YouTube vlogger almost gave us the answer to both questions when he appeared on the Studio 10 show, which aired live.

Strickling was showing the hosts what would happen as he successfully launched a couple of bottles to the delight of everyone involved. It wasn't until he said, "let's do one more" before asking host Natarsha Belling to hold the bottle as it launched into the sky that things took a near deadly turn.

As he was prepping the bottle for launch, Belling continued to ask for instructions on what she was supposed to do once the chemical reaction began. Strickling wasn't being the most helpful of teachers, and his hubris almost cost Belling her livelihood, and nearly her life.

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Photo: Shared.com


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