He Missed a Huge Field Goal, Then Found a Lesson

Bennett Moehring hadn't even turned 21 when he suffered one of the most crushing disappointments of his life, live in front of nearly 70,000 people in "swirling snow," per the AP. But the New York Timesdetails the very adult way in which the Navy junior handled it all after he missed a possibly game-winning field goal in the Army-Navy game earlier this month, allowing Army to win 14-13. After the failed 48-yard kick, his teammates helped him off the field, and he wept in the locker room. 

But then he started drawing upon what he'd learned from the leadership course he was taking and from talks about character he'd heard from Navy coaches. He decided to face reporters, take responsibility, and talk about how lucky he felt to play football. "I'll use this as motivation," Moehring said. "I'll get better. It's the only option."

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