City of San Antonio: Few More Refugees from Houston Expected

The City of San Antonio says it believes there will be no more large numbers of evacuees seeking shelter in the city's emergency shelters, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Currently about 1500 people have sought shelter at the three emergency shelters which have been opened in the city.  About half of them, 745, remain in the shelters, while others have moved to motels, private houses, or have been able to return home.

About 900 people who were medically evacuated from the storm area are remain in San Antonio, being treated either at shelters or hospitals by volunteer medical personnel.

The evacuations out of Houston have tapered off, largely because Houston was able to open three mega-shelters to house 30,000 evacuees, and because the need for evacuations is lessening.

At one point, San Antonio said it was willing to accept up to 10,000 evacuees, but Houston quickly ramped up its emergency shelters, sparing San Antonio from that need.

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