NEISD Board Member: Changing Name of Lee Could Cost $1 Million

The outline for the change of the name of Robert E. Lee High School remains vague, after the Board of Education voted unanimously last night to change the name, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Board member Salli Wolff, who made the motion to change the name, said a full switch to a new name could cost as much as $1 million.

"If they can't afford to do it, we could do it just in the name but not in the uniforms, or we could choose a name that also is 'Lee'," she said.

Wolff says the switch will require not just changing the name on the sign in front of the school, but also scoreboards, band and sports uniforms, and signage and markings inside the school.

She says the students who petitioned for the name change have agreed to help solicit private donations so the cost won't fall on the taxpayers.

"When we get into things like mascots, uniforms, sports things, that's where it really gets expensive and that's where we need the community's help," he said.

The time frame for a name change is not clear, although it will be Robert E. Lee High School for the current school year.

Obviously, trophies and diplomas will not be changed, because they were received by Robert E. Lee High School.

No process has been floated to come up with a new name.  Among those that are already being bounced around are Lila Cockrell, the city's first female mayor who has been active in education causes, and changing the name of the entire school to International School of the Americas, which is the successful and highly regarded magnet program inside Lee High School.

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