City, County Officials Praise Volunteer Effort, Corporate Donations

Mayor Nirenberg today honored the 'culture of generousity in San Antonio, and singled out several major donors, including USAA, NuStar Energy, Valero Energy and the Bill Greehey Foundation for stepping up to make major donations to disaster relief, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"As I highlight these events, there are hundreds more that are going on iin our community," he said.  "This is what makes San Antonio so special."

The Mayor also announced creation of a 'compassionate fund' which will be administered by the San Antonio Area Foundation where people can make donations for hurricane relief.

County Judge Nelson Wolff also praised donors and the effort to help those who were hit by the storm."

I think we have done everything humanly possible to be supportive of this," Wolff said.Wolff pointed out that Houston's topography led to increased flooding when some fifty inches of rain fell on the city, and he praised Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner for not demanding that Houston be evacuated.

"He saved a number of lives by not doing that," Wolff said.Woff said none of this relief effort would be possible without corporations and non profits."

We have our champions right here," Wolff said.  "Harvey Najim has raised %750,000 for the food bank, and AT&T has made many donations.  I don't think you can say enough about H-E-B's contributions to this effort."

He cited H-E-B's mobile food units which are helping victims in Houston and Victoria.In addition to the SAPD sending officers to Houston, Wolff said the Bexar County Sheriff is also sending officers.

"You can talk about being a compassionate city," San Antonio Food Bank President Eric Cooper said.  "Then you can actually be a compassionate city."

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