USAA, Other Insurance Companies Ramp Up for Harvey Recovery

Hurricane Harvey is likely to be the largest insurance event ever in Texas, and the big insurance companies, including San Antonio's USAA, are already marshaling armies of adjusters, bringing people in from around the country, to tackle the major job ahead, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Rich Johnson of USAA says you can start the process before the adjusters arrive, on line."The best way is to go ahead, and if you have access to a computer or a phone, you can file electronically, you can upload pictures, it is quick, it is easy," he said.

Johnson says USAA recognizes that its members are hurting in this time of disaster, and says adjusters will arrive on the scene in damaged areas as soon as its safe, and many of them have the authority to cut checks for immediate needs on the spot.

"Make any temporary repairs that you need to make, whether it is tarping up a window or putting plywood up over a window, and keep any receipts that you may accumulate making those repairs, because they may be reimbursable."

He says USAA may even utilize drones to get a look at the most badly damaged areas, even before the adjusters are allowed in.

"In the past we have tested and used drones for hailstorms, so this will be something different," he said.

And Johnson says unlike homeowner's coverage, which generally excludes flood damage, most auto policies include coverage for flooding, whether the car was flooded by high water while sitting in a driveway, or was damaged by driving into high water

."Typically, an auto insurance policy, if you do have water damage to a car, it is covered, under typical policies," he said.

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