A Second San Antonio Council Member Calls for Property Tax Relief

Support is growing on San Antonio City Hall for the City to grant some sort of relief to taxpayers who are struggling under the weight of skyrocketing property appraisals, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"We need to take an in-depth look at how we are taxing our residents and that includes examining the possibility of reducing property tax rates wherever possible," Northwest side Councilman Greg Brockhouse said.

He joins northeast side Councilman Clayton Perry, who last week called for the city's tax rate to be cut.

Brockhouse says City staff should look into the possibility of either a rate decrease of a 'city homestead exemption,' which would exempt a certain portion of a home's taxable value from taxation.

Brockhouse said what he calls 'questionable' property valuations are squeezing many homeowners to the breaking point.

City officials bragged when they unveiled the 2018 budget last week that they were not increasing the 'tax rate.' While that is true, homeowners will pay far more in property taxes in 2018, because property taxes are assessed 'ad valorem,' or 'by value,' and the more a property is valued, the higher the total tax.

"Starting the conversation ensures we always remember that this is the people's money," Brockhouse said.  "Its time to see if the City can step in and help with meaningful tax relief."

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